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Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology talks about his new Sun dream talismans, the importance of dreams in the Western esoteric tradition and using dr...
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The Twisted History of Christianity

Posted by Poke Runyon on May 22, 2020 at 3:30pm 0 Comments

The Albigensian Crusade
On Thursday May 21st 2020 the Hermetic Hour, with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the Twisted History of Christianity. The general theme of this presentation is how the distortion of its original principles perverted its mission for the following two thousand years of world history. We will examine how the Christian religion, which was supposed to bring peace, love and comfort to the people who accepted it, brought instead War, hatred, persecution and despair. We will begin by recalling what Christianity was supposed to be and who Jesus’s Father in Heaven really was. We will remember how his wife, Mary Magdalene and later the bishop Valentinian and his follower Marcus tried to carry on the original teachings. We will recall how the Roman Church created its Inquisition to stamp out the resurgence of original Gnostic Christianity in Southern France where Mary Magdalene and Marcus had preached. We will recall how the Roman Church launched a genocidal crusade against these innocent Cathars killing millions. The Inquisition went on to murder thousand of heretics and witches while the bishops of Church continued to exploit the poor and offer salvation for money. Finally Northern European Christians revolted in a movement called the Reformation, but the Protestants failed to correct the original mistake the Roman Church had made in accepting Yahweh as the father of Jesus and incorporating the corrupted Old Testament as part of the Christian Bible. By the 18th century all forms of Christianity were challenged by the rise of a new atheistic religion that offered the same promise: peace, love and comfort. It emerged from the horror of the French Revolution. You can call it socialism, humanism, or communism – but what ever name it goes under, it is actually a Christian Heresy. It is Christian altruism without salvation. So. If you want to want to know how the early Christians got it wrong…

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NEW in the blog section:

The Lightning Flash and The Blasted Tower

by Poke Runyon


Adamson's Quest and Shamgar the Purple Dragon by Poke Runyon has been released and will soon be available from This is a 245 page fantasy novel (two novels actually) by Poke Runyon published by The Church of the Hermetic Sciences. $24.95 on-line or $19.95 to Associate Members.


Here's what the back-cover reveals about the book: -- The adventures of the first and final fool on the Paths and in the Spheres of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. From the Pages of the original Seventh Ray (1972 -1978) comes the classic Magical Novel of the modern occult revival. Based on the O.T.A.'s unique Attention Point Pathworking System and the author's personal insights and experiences on the Inner Planes. Enoch Adamson's adventure begins in the curio shop of old Hermes Trismegistis. Hermes becomes Adamson's Mentor and helps him begin his astral journey of self and spiritual discovery. The old wizard dresses young Enoch in the costume of the Fool of the Tarot and sends him on a dream-quest to find The Horn of the Unicorn, the Eye of the Basilisk, and the Feather of the Phoenix. Enoch's personal and psychological development proceeds in metaphoric episodes from Malkuth to Yesod on the 32nd Path and continues as he struggles with social issues in his attempt to reach the Great Library in the Sphere of Hod via the 30th and the 31st Paths where he will reconnect with his mentor Hermes Trismegistis. Poke Runyon calls on his skills as a fantasy-adventure writer (Drell Master 2001) to present Adamson's learnings about himself and society in exciting and sometimes erotic parables. Adamson's Quest is an entertaing fantasy novel with an underlying substrata of esoteric secret wisdom that students of Western Magick will appreciate and treasure -- and as a bonus the author the author includes his exciting mythological fantasy adventure, based on the Biblical Book of Judges, Shamgar, the Purple Dragon. The Phoenician Pirate who became the first king of ancient Israel. 

The Church of The Hermetic Sciences
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Nosce te Ipsum

The Church of the Hermetic Sciences was founded in 1970 and incorporated in the State of California in 1971 as a religious philosophical organization dedicated to preserving and continuing the Western Esoteric Tradition through the process of ceremonial initiation and practical instruction in the Hermetic Art-Sciences of Magick, Qabalah, Alchemy, and Astrology.  We follow the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus whose ancient vision is compatible with the deepest esoteric expressions of the three major Biblical religions and Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism.  Our Seasonal Rites and Yoga System are based on the pre-Biblical myth cycle of ancient Canaan and the traditions of Melchizedek and King Solomon. To implement this program the Church sponsors a religious-fraternal Order, The Order of the Temple of Astarte, which is initiatory and follows the Seven Degrees of Crata Repoa, an 18th century European outline of degrees in the ancient Hermetic Tradition.  To learn more about our teaching and work please visit The Hermetic Hour website and listen to our archived podcasts on all aspects of the Hermetic Arts.  Each lecture is introduced by an abstract describing the subject covered. We also call your attention to our journal The Seventh Ray which is available on

We offer an online Associate Member program for worthy aspirants who live beyond the reach of our Temples. This is a graduated program of instruction that parallels and compliments the initiatory sequence without actually conferring or communicating the degrees. However, with study and mentoring, the online student may earn letters of entitlement to receive the degrees. The program includes most of our regular instruction and is open to active initiates and inactive members who have moved away from our temple locations.

To be considered for Associate Membership the applicant should be over 18 years of age, and a free, law-abiding citizen of his/her country (U.S., U.K., and Canada.) You must write us a letter telling us about yourself and your reasons for wanting to join us. After we receive and evaluate your letter we may send you our Membership Application form which includes a membership agreement. You will fill this out providing the information required, sign the agreement and enclose a check or money order for thirty-five dollars $35.00 if you live in the U.S. Forty-five $45.00 if in Canada or U.K. All funds must be in USD checks and money orders made out to: The Church of the Hermetic Sciences.  Send the application with payment to:  The Church of the Hermetic Sciences, Dept. AM, P.O. Box 403, Silverado, CA  92676,  U.S.A.

After receiving and approving your application we will send you your membership package which will include: a membership certificate suitable for framing, a yearly identification card, an updated copy of The Book of Solomon's Magick and The Magick of Solomon DVD (your course text), The Rites of Magick DVD, 20% discount coupons for all other CHS/OTA and Maelstrom publications and productions, and a gift certificate for a free copy of Beyond Lemuria 2nd Edition with your first coupon order.  You will also receive the access code to this website where you will find your lessons and can interact with other members and keep up with Church and Order news and activities.

Tu es Deus

Thabion VIIo



This site is for Associate and Active Members of The Church of the Hermetic Sciences.


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