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The new member website is "Open for Business" and you may apply for a new account anytime.


2. Click on "Sign up Now!"

3. You will be asked for an access code. It will be the same as the password given to you to originally access this website. If you can't remember it ask someone privately or email Soror Zandria at It is case sensitive. 

4. Be sure to use your real name when you apply for a new account so we can identify you. Some members have reported difficulty applying successfully with their mobile device. If you are having difficulty applying with your mobile device and you have a desktop or laptop, use that.

5. Please start moving your photos, discussions, and community activity over to the new site. 

This one's for YOU, our valued members! !t's loaded with features, many of which you've asked for but we could not provide you with here on Ning. Plus some extras, like music uploads. And it's easy to navigate.

We hope you enjoy the new website!


This site is for Associate and Active Members of The Church of the Hermetic Sciences.


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